Interests among outdoor sofa and table enterprises
TIME:2022-04-27 14:44:19 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    outdoor sofa and table Enterprises and dealers have their own plans and cannot achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Many manufacturers have a pure interest relationship, and both sides have racked their brains to maximize their own interests.

    outdoor sofa and table

    The manufacturer tries its best to let the dealer distribute the goods, regardless of whether the dealer can bear it or whether the market is saturated; The dealers try their best to ask for more fees and support from the manufacturers, and some even do not hesitate to sacrifice the interests of the manufacturers, such as falsely reporting market expenses, exaggerating product loss, cross regional rush goods, destroying the price system and so on.

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    These behaviors not only have a outdoor sofa and table huge negative impact on the overall market promotion process of manufacturers, but also have overdrawn their integrity in advance. At this point, we have to mention the dispute over the dominance of the terminal market between enterprises and dealers.

    The main reason for this competition is that the senior management of the enterprise has made a subjective mistake: thinking that the channels and terminals can be completely controlled by themselves. wicker side chairs One sidedly believes that if you have control, you can solve everything.

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    Therefore, the enterprise spared no effort to hold the terminal sales channels and dealers firmly in its hands by formulating various treaties and setting rules and regulations. Many dealers interviewed said they had encountered similar situations, and the results were basically one shot and two scattered.

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