stone dining table material according to the placement position
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Is there a sunshade in your outdoor area? Is the furniture on the soft lawn or on the hard ground? Remember, if you are on the lawn, never use furniture with cork frame. Cork will absorb moisture and then cause damage to the frame. Try to choose plastic and steel frame as a substitute. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to match it with a sunshade. Direct sunlight will harm furniture and human skin.

stone dining table

 1. Material is stone dining table than appearance

The material of outdoor furniture is very important. It determines the maintenance in the future. Therefore, when buying, don't just look at the appearance. Aluminum and resin are the easiest to take care of, while wicker woven or wooden furniture needs regular maintenance.

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2. Don't forget comfort stone dining table

Outdoor furniture is generally used to relax, so the comfort must be better. Even if some outdoor chairs don't use cushions, you can customize them yourself. Pay attention to the selection of waterproof fabrics. The angle of the recliner must be adjustable to meet the different comfort needs of the whole family.

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