Elegant rattan patio table and chairs
TIME:2022-05-10 15:19:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan patio table and chairs in China is mainly palm rattan furniture, and rattan furniture is an important supplement. They are green furniture with environmental protection performance.

     The main types of rattan furniture products are chairs and stools, sofas, tea tables and decorative shelves, as well as others, but the relative production quantity is very small.

    rattan patio table and chairs

    Most of the furniture used in the living room, hotel and family cafes. The main furniture products are mostly rattan cores.

    The rattan patio table and chairs is full and full, full of visual tension, and the sitting feeling is soft and hard. The furniture integrates smoothness and roughness, and has a friendly touch.

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    The colors are natural color, white, cherry red and coffee, or elegant, simple or deep, creating a strong romantic feeling.

    Rattan furniture also occupies a certain weight. With their unique graceful, melodious and free and easy, and the perfect combination of practicality and function, they reflect the personality characteristics of "people-oriented".

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