The spatial concept of outdoor patio furniture
TIME:2021-11-24 14:23:24 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    the acceleration of urbanization in China and the transition from large-scale construction projects to landscape and functional ones, the Public Leisure places with sightseeing, Leisure and entertainment as the main body and various projects of high-class residential areas and villas were launched one after another, a large number of hotels, sports centers, office buildings, shops, gardens, swimming pools, beaches, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, cafes, teahouses, high-grade Leisure and entertainment places, private residences, enterprises and institutions such as leisure venues for outdoor patio furniture and outdoor table set have a strong demand. Also causes the outdoor leisure movement space scope to increase greatly the outdoor furniture need to increase.


    It is the above four basic conditions gradually, so that China's outdoor patio furniture and supplies industry by leaps and bounds. Although China's outdoor furniture and accessories industry is developing rapidly, it is far from becoming a manufacturing power. The domestic production enterprises have just moved from the stage of winning at low prices to the stage of lean production, where quality, variety and design philosophy prevail, marketing methods and channels, and international brands also have a certain gap. 


    China must take advantage of the general trend of global integration, take advantage of the benign open competition situation after China's entry into WTO, strengthen the exchange, cooperation and study with foreign manufacturers, and strive to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of outdoor patio furniture in the international market.

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