Hot summer teaches you how to maintain outdoor wicker chair set
TIME:2022-05-12 15:01:37 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

It was a hot summer, with strong sunshine and frequent rain These are also the two key factors that hurt outdoor furniture. Long term exposure to the natural environment of outdoor sun and rain can easily lead to discoloration, fracture and complete damage of outdoor furniture

How to maintain outdoor furniture? Based on the knowledge accumulated from more than ten years of experience in the outdoor furniture industry, the following points are introduced:

  1. After exposure to the sun

It is not suitable to wash with water immediately, otherwise it will cause direct aging damage to solid wood, imitation rattan, metal, mesh and other materials;

outdoor wicker chair set

  2. In hot and sunny weather

In case of heavy rain, special rain cover shall be selected as far as possible to avoid sudden change of temperature and damage to outdoor furniture;


3. outdoor wicker chair set clean

The surface of outdoor furniture, especially some rattan furniture, should be cleaned frequently at ordinary times. The dust is easy to penetrate into the gap. Regular cleaning is conducive to keeping the product clean and prolong the service life When cleaning, be careful not to use alkaline solution or hard brush;

  4. Painting

For some metal iron outdoor furniture, outdoor tables and chairs, pay attention to check whether the surface is damaged by collision. If so, brush a little antirust paint;

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  5. Outdoor sun umbrella

When the outdoor sun umbrella is not in use, it must be put away, otherwise the strong wind will easily lead to serious damage The umbrella seat is heavy, so be careful to hurt people when moving;

  6. Solid wood outdoor wicker chair set

The surface of solid wood outdoor leisure furniture should be cleaned regularly, polished gently with a brush or sandpaper, and then painted with outdoor special protective oil, which can be reused after full penetration Generally, it is recommended to brush the oil once every six months;

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  7. Outdoor furniture cushion and pillow

The cushion, pillow and other fabrics of outdoor furniture are easy to absorb water. Pay attention to storage when it rains. They can also be stored in a special outdoor cushion box When it is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and dried for storage;

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