Low energy consumption to round outdoor side table
TIME:2022-05-14 14:01:35 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The materials of round outdoor side table are mostly teak, iron and aluminum. Nowadays, most outdoor furniture is made of aluminum because of its elongation and texture, and its corrosion resistance is incomparable with other materials.

    After the formed aluminum furniture is repeatedly pickled and the surface dirt is cleaned, it is necessary to enter an important link - spraying.

    round outdoor side table

    Spraying special powder coatings for building aluminum, collectively known as interpond series, is used for spraying aluminum. Interpond series has become the choice of aluminum talents for  protecting and decorating buildings. Aluminum materials with powder coating in China are generally referred to as "sprayed profiles".

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    Interpon is used in construction, automobile, household appliances, general industry, it and round outdoor side table. It is an environment-friendly thermosetting powder coating without pollution and odor. 

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