Origin of outdoor table and bench set
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    In Chinese traditional etiquette, how to sit is a very important content. In the earliest days, there were no outdoor table and bench set. When people received guests, they knelt down on the mat or on a big bed called TA, with their hips on their heels, which is called sitting. Although it's uncomfortable, you must sit like this on a formal occasion, otherwise it's impolite.

    outdoor table and bench set

    At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a kind of folding bench called "Hu bed", similar to the current Mazha, was introduced into the Central Plains from the nomadic areas in the north, which changed people's sitting posture for the first time. People gradually began to give up the uncomfortable position of kneeling. By the middle of the Tang Dynasty, the Hu bed gradually evolved into a outdoor table and bench set with a back and an armchair that can let the legs hang down naturally.

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    The popularity of chairs not only changed people's legs and feet, but also had a considerable impact on ancient Chinese culture. The first impact of this four legged furniture was the sitting ceremony in China at that time. The change of sitting etiquette directly leads to the change of many social etiquette. Then the outdoor table and bench set also affected the interior style of the house.

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