Design inspiration of rattan round table and chairs
TIME:2022-05-21 14:05:26 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the past of the era when people arbitrarily dominate other lives and the natural environment with the development of machinery, while tasting the bitter fruits planted by themselves.

    People pay more attention to the environment and respect nature and life. Especially after entering the information age, rattan round table and chairs design is different from the past, focusing on functionality and leading technology; Instead, it pursues the characteristics of symbolizing nature, meaning life and paying attention to regional culture.

    rattan round table and chairs

     It has become the consensus of designers to explore personality and advocate the design of human spiritual needs.

    As the great designer Wright said: design is an abstract painting of nature. The sofa chair in the living room uses the shape, color and texture of rattan material.

    E-catalogue 18-4-1_副本.jpg

    The texture gives people a feeling and is carefully designed. The change of the thickness of the cane and the change of the size of the weaving pattern of the sitting surface and backrest are strongly displayed in the delicacy. Simplicity shows solemnity and generosity.

    When the room is filled with a variety of modern luxury furniture and modern household appliances, putting this rattan furniture can promote the storage car will undoubtedly add a bright spot to the home environment.

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    Exquisite weaving, clever barrier and decorative patterns. It not only shows the exquisite craft of rattan round table and chairs. It also brings a cordial natural atmosphere to the room and makes people's psychology to a balance and satisfaction.

    Use the good toughness of rattan to enlarge the curve of rattan curve. After busy work, people sit on such reclining chairs and wander freely in the rattan chairs with the original smell of the forest. So that the body and mind can be completely relaxed.

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