Excellent rattan outdoor table and chairs design
TIME:2022-05-23 09:59:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    For the rattan ring chair, the designer brilliantly uses many large arc rattan core strips for curve modeling. Armrest to backrest and sitting surface. They are all connected in an arc, which is completed at one go. The big arc of the chair legs echoes this, strengthening the load capacity. The rattan with different thickness emphasizes the sense of rhythm in the gradual arrangement, which not only achieves the comfort of leaning, sitting and rotating with both hands, but also gives visual pleasure.

    rattan outdoor table and chairs

    The rattan sitting surface of the recliner, coupled with the metal frame showing the sense of technology of the times, has the organic change of the whole supporting design, which is light, smooth, friendly and pleasant, and makes the space elastic.

    The metal frame structure, rattan backrest and cushion are kneaded together here, reflecting the harmony between modern science and technology and nature. The rattan outdoor table and chairs handrail makes people feel natural and friendly when touching. The whole shape is ethereal and light, and you feel a kind of soft elasticity after sitting on it.

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    Put such rattan lounge chairs in the courtyard, which are comfortable and lightweight. If it's just for people to sit, it's better to say that it shows a kind of family affection. Objects attached to the humanistic background often exude unique charm.

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    The fan-shaped prison case on the back of the chair is like an enlarged sunflower fan, which gives people a touch and husband's arms. The figure of the rattan outdoor table and chairs cushion radiating outward from the center is like a Buddhist Library where a monk sits, giving people warmth and kindness. The rattan decoration with different colors and textures not only plays a role in adding beauty, but also makes people avoid touching the cold iron frame when sitting, which is full of strong human feelings.

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