Sentimental dining table with rattan chairs
TIME:2022-05-24 10:49:29 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    "When will the moon come? Ask the blue sky about the wine." On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival. The elegant elements contained in Chinese dining table with rattan chairs seem to have a mysterious power, which can always bring peace and tranquility to people.

    On the full moon night of the Mid Autumn Festival, candlelight flickers. When the night is soft, reading, drinking tea and enjoying flowers are fun.

    dining table with rattan chairs

    In the small garden at home, the family sat around the teak table, several rattan chairs, fruit and moon cakes, and the family sat together. In kangford garden outdoor furniture company, such exquisite, natural and environment-friendly rattan chair furniture can be found everywhere.

    Their circular arcs and back recesses are connected naturally without trace. They are good furniture for enjoying the moon and sharing the good time of the Mid Autumn Festival.

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    If you can enjoy the moon by candlelight, your mood will naturally be more peaceful. If you want to create a restaurant with flickering candlelight, put rattan chairs on the open grass.

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    Antique copper candlestick can create a simple dining atmosphere, while colorful plastic or candlestick is suitable for modern and fashionable restaurants. In the dark, it presents a unique scene. From a distance, it looks like a bright moon, tender as water, and from a close look, it emits warm light all over.

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