Classical teak table PS rattan two chairs and table
TIME:2022-05-27 11:14:55 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Teak furniture originated from nature and full of changes gives people an impression of vitality, which is becoming a popular trend. In contrast, artificial color rattan two chairs and table is fashionable and gorgeous.

    But what is more suitable for human nature is those teak furniture with natural color without powder and Dai. The natural simplicity they bring is unmatched by all other furniture. Solid wood color not only meets the aesthetic needs of modern people, but also creates a natural atmosphere and soothes people's soul.

    rattan two chairs and table

    With the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to the construction of home style. The combination of rattan two chairs and table is the product of keeping pace with the times. It not only depends on the practical simplicity of modern furniture, but also allows classical delicacy to penetrate it.

    E-catalogue 16-16-1_副本.jpg

    The curved lines are vigorous, smooth and graceful, adding a bit of flexibility and poetry to the indoor environment. It inherits the exquisite style of rattan furniture in arc and carving, making the whole set of products more atmospheric.

    E-catalogue 16-16-2_副本.jpg

    This teak table has a high-profile temperament and tends to be modern and simple. There is no deliberate and cumbersome decoration. The lines are clear, the layout is exquisite, and the appearance and color are very flattering. The tall and fashionable rattan chair makes the whole set of products more attractive and adds color to the life of petty bourgeoisie.

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