rattan wicker armchair and rattan crafts in home furnishings
TIME:2022-05-30 14:07:04 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan wicker armchair is a handicraft product, that is, a product made by processing raw materials or semi-finished products by hand.  

    It is the general name of a group of valuable artworks. It includes many kinds. Arts and crafts come from life, but they create value higher than life. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the people, fully reflects the creativity and artistry of mankind, and is the priceless treasure of mankind.

    rattan wicker armchair

    Rattan furniture crafts used for furnishings can be divided into two categories: practical crafts and appreciative crafts. Practical handicrafts are characterized by both practical value and decoration, such as rattan sofa, rattan rocking chair, etc; Appreciating handicrafts is also called pure handicrafts or decorative handicrafts, which are appreciated without practicality.

    Such as rattan vase, rattan basket, etc. The specific performance is as follows: 1 The main landscape points that can constitute the environment; 2. it can enrich the space; 3. the composition of indoor furnishings can be adjusted; 4. it can reflect national and regional characteristics.

    So, how should rattan furniture be placed at home? Home furnishing should start from the large layout of the room and be determined according to the housing conditions. Rattan furniture is placed in the home. You can choose several pieces of artworks with simple shape and thick color for decoration; Modern furniture can be matched with several works of art with modern characteristics.

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    The placement of works of art should strive to unify the three-dimensional and background, coordinate the scattered and layout, keep the same color and atmosphere, and balance the sense of quantity and texture.

     For example, if the house is of Chinese style, you can choose the old rattan art as ornament; If it tends to be modern, you can choose modern rattan weaving objects.

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    Furniture adheres to the concept of healthy home design, takes natural harmony and humanistic care as the design guiding ideology, gathers classic home styles, and brings you new furniture design styles.

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