Imperial rattan armchair set in rattan furniture
TIME:2022-06-01 15:08:53 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The Royal concubine's sofa bed is a woman's exclusive furniture. It has a beautiful and exquisite curve. The back of the sofa is curved, and the back and the armrest are integrated. You can sit with a cushion or lie on your feet. The sofa fits seamlessly with a woman's body lines, so it is also called "beauty's sofa".

    The imperial rattan armchair set is actually a reclining chair or reclining chair. Most of them have armrests on only one side, and the armrests must also have the function of pillows.

    rattan armchair set

    Generally, people have the impression that the imperial concubine chair is a very Chinese wooden reclining chair. In fact, the imperial concubine chair has many styles and shapes. All kinds of imperial concubine chairs are divided into modern, classical, natural, creative and ethnic styles. You can choose the imperial concubine chair that is suitable for you according to your own home style.

    Most of the homes are still in modern style. The imperial concubine chairs designed mainly in Europe and America have simple and clear lines.

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    Most of the imperial rattan armchair set are divided into three large blocks - base, seat cushion and chair back. The seat cushion is mostly rectangular with horizontal lines, mainly focusing on the comfort of use. Because the shape is relatively simple, it is easy to match with various situations and home spaces.

    The imperial concubine chair has become one of the essential furniture in women's homes. The perfect design of it and women's body is really a woman's dream. Laziness is one of the spirits of happy life.

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    When you get home, you should keep a lazy spirit anytime and anywhere, so as not to disappoint your hard-working self. The imperial concubine chair exudes laziness and relaxation, making the home space more casual and casual. It is in line with the needs of modern urbanites. With your own home style, you are welcome to choose a royal concubine chair to relax yourself. 

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