outdoor rattan garden furniture leisurely second private space
TIME:2022-06-11 10:21:03 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The original purpose of creating outdoor rattan garden furniture is to provide convenience for outdoor activities. However, with the continuous spread of living space, the concept of outdoor furniture is also advancing with the times.

    outdoor rattan garden furniture

    Outdoor furniture designers believe that outdoor places such as gardens, grasslands and platforms are actually rooms without walls and roofs. They are an extension of the living scene, a part of the overall mobility design, and the second private space in the leisurely world.

    Therefore, outdoor furniture should not only have the functions of entertainment, relaxation and play, but also allow people to enjoy the fun of the party while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake, skillfully connect the natural scene with home life, reflecting a life style close to nature, which is mainly reflected in the modeling design of outdoor rattan garden furniture.

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    The modeling design of outdoor furniture puts the inner feelings of users in the first place, and takes the shapes of lines, arcs, plants and other shapes as the theme to create a happy spatial expression; Secondly, the outdoor furniture creates a rhythmic overall shape based on the curve of the human body and its own material properties, so that the body and mind can fit perfectly and convey a leisure and comfortable home artistic conception.

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    The natural life attitude and quality home positioning represented by outdoor furniture have captured the public's return psychology, so owning an exclusive leisure area has aroused widespread interest, which subjectively increases the purchasing power of outdoor furniture.

    The expansion of mass consumption market has outlined the bright market prospect of outdoor furniture and promoted outdoor furniture to enter a new era of development. 

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