Tips for purchasing rattan patio furniture sale
TIME:2022-06-15 14:42:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

After strict processing, rattan patio furniture sale has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, fresh hand feeling, comfort and chic, and conforms to ergonomics. Rattan table and chair have the advantages of simple color, beautiful appearance, light structure, elegant appearance, tough texture, simple and natural. In appearance, rattan leisure table and chair are elegant, plain, beautiful and close to nature, with high appreciation. To buy rattan table chairs:

rattan patio furniture sale

1. rattan patio furniture sale are comfortable.

Their height should match the height of the dining table and the height of the users. Generally, the distance between the sitting surface of the chair and the surface of the dining table is 28-30 cm; To facilitate the access of users, the distance between the sitting surface and the bottom of the dining table shall be at least 17 cm. Generally speaking, sitting on a chair, if you can put your arms on the table without feeling your shoulders shrug, it is the appropriate height.

2. The size of rattan table and chair

 depends on the spatial scale of the restaurant. If the space is large enough, large armchairs should be used; The small dining chair is more suitable for small space.

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3. In addition to the matching of dining chairs and tables

consumers should pay special attention to whether the lines of chair backs are beautiful, smooth and safe when purchasing; These points can be inspected through observation and trial sitting. If the dining chair can be folded and stored, it will be a better choice.

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