Unknown details in the wide outdoor rocking chair
TIME:2022-07-08 13:56:53 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The wide outdoor rocking chair, which is loved by customers for its convenience, simplicity and no space, brings happiness to people's daily life and leisure entertainment. There are many unknown details in the production process of the seemingly ordinary rattan folding chair.

    1Only with accurate positioning can it be folded freely: in the folding chair, the most important thing is the positioning hole, and the accuracy of the positioning hole is the key to measure the product quality.

    wide outdoor rocking chair

    2Care carefully before you can be as one: as a fully exposed chair frame, you should ensure that the surface is as smooth as new, and every procedure should be fully packaged. When assembling products, the environment and space requirements of the workshop are very strict, and no carelessness is allowed.

    Customers have high requirements for fully exposed outdoor furniture. They know that it is difficult for wide outdoor rocking chair manufacturers without high-end production technology and factories without production technical strength and professional technicians to be competent.

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    The ability of Garden Furniture Co., Ltd. in producing outdoor furniture is recognized by people in the same industry. In the long-term production and sales process of outdoor furniture, there is a set of reasonable, sound and strict production procedures.

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    For all exposed rattan furniture, it has unique skills. Its exposed rattan furniture series have been favored by customers at home and abroad. At present, the foreign trade order production of rattan folding chairs is over, that is, to be shipped!

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