Characteristics of European outdoor dining chair cushions
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European furniture is characterized by emphasizing luxury and luxurious decoration, using curves and surfaces, pursuing dynamic changes and rich in artistic flavor. The elegant shape makes the furniture not only exude elegant and mature charm, but also reveal a pure and refined atmosphere.

Furniture European style rattan furniture integrates traditional handcraft with contemporary advanced technical means. Its most remarkable feature is the ingenious use of the golden section, which makes the furniture present a proper proportion of beauty.

outdoor dining chair cushions

The most important thing for European rattan furniture is to pay attention to three points:

1: See if the lines are smooth, outdoor dining chair cushions

European rattan furniture has many curves and curved surfaces, which is the part that most tests the production level of outdoor furniture manufacturers. Inferior rattan furniture products usually appear rigid, especially the classical arc, vortex decoration and other details, and the workmanship is very poor.

2: Check whether the outdoor dining chair cushions

An important feature of European furniture is good material. Only good materials can reflect texture and boldness. The materials of European rattan furniture are all reinforced aluminum.

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3: See whether the manufacturing process is fine

European rattan furniture is relatively wide, and garden rattan and wide face rattan are mostly used, which increases the stress area and has strict requirements on weaving technology.

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The European rattan furniture of Garden Furniture Co., Ltd. is divided into classical and pastoral styles. In order to adapt to European characteristics, the size of the product is relatively tall, and the European flavor is emphasized in terms of material and weaving. The heavy space combination, strong layout colors, strong comfort and delicate and warm tone treatment, and the warm and romantic artistic effect express the rattan furniture.

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