Beautiful display of knitting skills in cheap outdoor chair cushions
TIME:2022-07-15 14:44:27 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

The biggest feature of cheap outdoor chair cushions lies in the aesthetic feeling of its weaving level, and the lively and stretched organic curve can induce spatial interest.

When the light shines, its appearance changes and attracts multiple eyes. In addition, due to manual weaving, no rattan furniture will be repeated and consistent. The arbitrary beauty of weaving skills is so intimate.    

cheap outdoor chair cushions

Today, I will introduce several weaving methods commonly used by Garden Furniture Co., Ltd. and their beautiful appearance in different rattan furniture:

1: cheap outdoor chair cushions Flip knitting

It's just a conventional weaving method. In furniture, the way of tight density and more pressing strips is adopted to make the rattan more elastic. It is often used on European rattan chairs and rattan sofas.

2: cheap outdoor chair cushions Combined knitting

This is a kind of weaving that tests the rattan weaving skills. The insertion of garden rattan and leaf rattan makes the geometric shape of the pattern show. The imitation rattan chair woven by this method is deeply loved by Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao.

E-catalogue 17-15-1_副本.jpg

3: Chrysanthemum knitting

Designing chrysanthemums in nature into rattan furniture requires rich imagination and exquisite rattan weaving skills. The shape of chrysanthemum makes rattan furniture top among Korean furniture.

E-catalogue 17-16_副本.jpg

Rattan furniture is woven in a variety of ways, each showing its own style. It is both classical and modern. The printing lines on the cushions and pillows create a space artistic conception, because the color and touch of the cloth are similar to that of the vine.

For young people who like fashion, bright colors such as white and red cloth, and the small pieces of decoration at home, make the furniture leap into the visual focus of the home.

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