Enjoy the beautiful garden with at home outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-11-26 14:57:43 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    After the overall design of the garden is completed, we will start to equip with a series of furniture. With the social demand for gardens, there are a lot of at home outdoor furniture available in the market. A good selection of outdoor furniture can not only beautify the environment, highlight the style, but also make people more comfortable to enjoy the beautiful garden.


     at home outdoor furniture


    The influence of at home outdoor furniture on garden style design is beyond doubt. It can add to the icing on the cake, but also can damage the overall design. So many conditional friends will customize a set of furniture according to their own style.


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    After spending such a huge cost, we should know how to take good care of it. Generally, the at home outdoor furniture should be moisture-proof and strong, not easy to destroy. Rattan and steel are popular choices. These manufactured products generally have a long service life, and proper maintenance can extend the service life of furniture.


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    Rattan furniture maintenance

    Generally, rattan products are dried and antiseptic in the manufacturing process. The materials are green and environment-friendly, and the color is natural, which is suitable for use in the garden.

    The product is not easy to change color after processing. It has the effect of mildew, insect and antisepsis, so it is the choice of most people. But the disadvantage is that for a long time, furniture will be affected by the environment and climate, high temperature will make furniture easy to crack, so use this kind of furniture in dry and ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight.

    Humid climate will make furniture insects moldy, bacteria need to be cleaned up from time to time, so proper care is necessary. Clean with water or salt water, and apply a layer of varnish after air drying.

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