Maintenance of at home outdoor furniture made of iron and steel
TIME:2021-11-26 14:56:56 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Now more and more people like to choose home products made of steel. Because of its characteristics, it can create a variety of special styles of at home outdoor furniture, bright colors, fashionable style, modern metal texture, and compared with traditional metal outdoor furniture, it has the characteristics of light, durable, fireproof and waterproof, easy to handle, without worrying about insects and mildew, saving time and labor.


    at home outdoor furniture 


    1. Iron at home outdoor furniture should regularly remove the dust on the surface, select a cloth of pure cotton fabric, dip in a mild detergent, and wipe it gently;


     E-catalogue 16-4-1_副本.jpg


    2. The dust in the depression can be brushed off along the gap with a soft wool brush;


     E-catalogue 16-5_副本.jpg


    3. Place theat home outdoor furniture in the place where other hard objects do not often touch, and try to avoid the impact of external force, let alone the impact of hard materials, which will make the paint layer shell and chromium coating fall off.

    4. In case of rainy season, the water droplets on the surface of luxury outdoor furniture stained with water should be wiped off in time after the rain stops;

    5. Don't use humidifier and dry clothes around iron furniture, and avoid direct sunlight outside the window on indoor iron furniture, so as to prevent metal oxidation and deterioration or surface paint fading and spalling.

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