How to explore the new consumption concept of modern garden furniture
TIME:2021-11-30 10:15:22 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Many people think that modern garden furniture is the "toy" of the rich, and ordinary families don't need it, but it turns out that is not the case. According to the survey of China's economic life, tourism is the top choice in the list of spending money in 2018, which has been the top consumption of tourism for four consecutive years. As the world is so large, more and more people want to go out and have a look.

    modern garden furniture

     With the rapid pace of urban life, the sense of pressure is doubled, and the desire to get out of the outdoors, get close to nature and escape from all kinds of troubles in life has become a new way for the middle class to relax and reduce pressure.

     However, the author checked the data and predicted that the middle-class population in China will reach 700 million in 2020. In other words, in the next two years, China's middle-class population may reach nearly half of the total population.

     The growing ranks of the middle class mean that what Chinese consumers really lack is not money, but a consumption concept that can be accepted by them.

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    modern garden furniture used to lack of local originality and cultural accumulation, but now with the deepening influence of outdoor life concept, weatherproof garden furniture sets may become a new blue ocean of furniture industry under consumption upgrading.

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     However, the interior of modern garden furniture is still in the early stage of industry development. For outdoor furniture, it is a kind of crossover and innovation. Although the popularity is still relatively low, it is undeniable that best rattan garden furniture will be accepted by more and more people in the future market.

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