modern garden furniture begins to enter the house
TIME:2021-11-30 10:18:51 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In recent one or two years, all outdoor furniture people are shouting that the market is becoming more and more difficult to do, the channel is difficult to expand and the sales is difficult to do, and the furniture industry is going to change.

     But in the overall situation of "not so good" furniture market, as the industry segmentation under the field of modern garden furniture is unexpectedly popular.

    modern garden furniture

    In this year's Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition, we can see many modern garden furniture brands. In addition to the common reclining chairs and leisure chairs, the "1 + 2 + 3" combination suitable for the living room space and the 6-person space suitable for the dining room space are more obvious in the interior design trend.

     The product design of cloth cushion and tea table set chair confirms this trend.

    E-catalogue 17-31-1_副本.jpg

    As we all know, modern garden furniture is mainly used in outdoor open public space, such as swimming pool, beach, terrace, balcony, etc., and the main application objects are engineering based beaches, hotels, clubs, and some villas will be used;

    With the rise of seaside tourism and holiday, outdoor furniture can be seen everywhere in the surrounding B & B and star hotels, and even outdoor furniture is used indoors.

    E-catalogue 17-32_副本.jpg

     Different from indoor furniture, leisure garden furniture is very particular about materials. To be able to resist long-term sun and rain, in addition to considering the function, but also considering comfort, durability is very prominent.

    At present, it is precisely these advantages that promote the steel garden furniture to enter the interior space from the outdoor.

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