Notes on the use of modern garden furniture
TIME:2021-11-30 10:20:26 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the increasing market demand of modern garden furniture in China, the pursuit of product quality of our manufacturers is also constantly improving. At present, it even surpasses the developed manufacturing technology in Europe and America.

     Although outdoor furniture is stronger and more durable than ordinary furniture, improper use will still greatly shorten the service life of outdoor furniture. I believe that we all pay close attention to the maintenance of outdoor furniture, a new product. There are many methods spread on the Internet, but there are different opinions.

    modern garden furniture

    What we want to tell you is that we must choose the right and effective maintenance method! This will greatly increase the service life of your modern garden furniture. After finishing the use process of outdoor furniture, we need to pay special attention to the following points, we now share with you.

    1. Put sharp or rough objects directly on weatherproof garden furniture sets, which can form scratches on the surface of outdoor furniture.

    2. Don't jump on the sofa or mattress; don't open the cabinet door or pull the drawer slide; don't place heavy objects on the furniture surface for a long time, or place heavy articles on the edge of the table, and the effect is too large, which will form the deformation of the furniture, and even form the instability of the center of gravity of the furniture, and damage the furniture;

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     if you press heavy objects on the top of the furniture such as the overcoat cabinet, the material work will make the cabinet door protrude The cabinet door is not closed tightly; clothes are also not stacked too much, and Chao is not allowed to cross the cabinet door to prevent the door from deformation.

    3, make outdoor furniture contact with corrosive substances, such as alcohol, banana water, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid, alkali and so on.

    4. The change of temperature level will make the internal element structure of furniture material have serious irregular movement, so it is necessary to avoid placing hot equipment or supercooled equipment above 100 ℃ on outdoor furniture.

    5. Improper external force is also one of the main culprits of high damage to furniture, so it should be avoided to pull hard when carrying, damaging the tenon or hardware of furniture joint.

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     6. Put modern garden furniture in high temperature or cold conditions or occasions, do not put the furniture in the sun for a long time, avoid putting it in too dry place, in order to prevent wood cracking and deformation; do not put the furniture in the wet situation, wood furniture, cloth furniture in wet local long-term workers will mildew, metal furniture and furniture button, slide, spring metal parts will rust , affect the leisure garden furniture.

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