The origin and technology of the outdoor lounge chairs in the park
TIME:2021-11-22 09:48:23 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1) the origin of the park chairs, dating back to the Hu bed in the northern region during the Han and Wei dynasties, the wall paintings of Dun Huang Cave 285 have the image of two people sitting separately on a table and chair; the wall paintings of Cave 257 have a woman sitting on a square stool and a long chair with crossed legs; The stone carvings of Dragon Lotus cave have a woman sitting on a round stool. This image vividly reproduces the application of the tables, chairs and chairs in the imperial families of officials in the Wei, Jin, southern and northern dynasties.

    outdoor lounge chairs

    The park outdoor lounge chairs is a kind of leisure chair, it is in the outdoor park or in the room shopping mall for passers-by rest of a commodity, more used in parks, residential areas, large-scale amusement parks, shopping centers, public places. What are the types of Park chairs? Outdoor arm-chair: arm-chair with guardrail-backed Chair, except for the arm-chair and Taishi Chair, the others are called arm-chair, electric massage chair: massage can dredge the channels and collaterals, make the blood-gas circulation system, maintain the yin-yang balance of the human body, therefore, after massage can feel muscles relax, joints flexible, let people feel high, relieve fatigue, to maintain physical and mental health key efficacy. 

    The environmental protection characteristic is good, along with in our country each kind of construction project unceasing horse, causes, in our country construction timber template steel bamboo material use quantity is extremely big, the resource consumption is shocking, but the plastic wood raw material is the plastic and the Lignin fiber, is not easy to cause the consumption to the steel bamboo material resources in our country, the plastic wood park chair replaces the traditional solid wood park chair the social economic benefit is undoubtedly enormous.


    Wooden Garden landscape outdoor lounge chairs is a Common Park Chair (Park Leisure Chair, Park Chair) in the park/residential area/city square at present. It is because of some features below that we tend to it. Let's take a look at what features River Plastic Garden Chair has. Why are outdoor landscape chair with wood and Plastic 1, moistureproof, waterproof. It solves the problem that the wood goods can rot and swell freely after absorbing moisture and returning moisture in the treatment of damp and multi-water environment, and can be applied to the natural environment where the traditional wooden furniture can not be used.


    In addition to parks, some outdoor tea Franchisees, cafes and chain stores often use to be outdoor lounge chairs, preservatives are widely used in outdoor, but outdoor wood preservatives outdoor tables and chairs have also been classified, outdoor wood preservatives can generally be used in parks, municipal engineering parks, seats, chairs, chairs and so on, the cost is also very cost-effective, and the price of general wood is very high.

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