Three trends of outdoor furniture
TIME:2020-12-15 17:10:08 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    As the national economy of the United States slowly recovered from the previous financial crisis, the national construction activities continued to rise, especially in the family housing construction area, consumers' demand for outdoor restaurant furniture also increased.

    With the increasing demand for outdoor furniture, studies have shown that the following three trends may affect the rise and fall of American outdoor furniture market.

    outdoor restaurant furniture

    1. Multifunctional outdoor restaurant furniture products

    The wonderful and colorful outdoor life concept stimulates the increase of the demand for multi-functional furniture, such as tables and chairs with built-in storage space and tableware, chairs and tables that can be converted into bookshelves, and soft benches that can serve as chairs and side tables. These outdoor bbq furniture that allows consumers to adjust according to their own needs are more and more favored by consumers.

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    2. Outdoor barbecue related furniture products

    The rise of a wide variety of recipes and culinary festivals has stimulated the interest of American consumers in cooking, and the demand for outdoor cooking equipment such as grills has gradually increased. With the popularity of the concept of outdoor kitchen, manufacturers' investment in outdoor cooking equipment will increase significantly in the next few years. More similar garden swing seats outdoor furniture will appear in front of the public.

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    3. Production of environmental protection furniture

    The negative effects of deforestation, the increasingly serious global environmental problems, and the unhealthy concerns of consumers about the release of toxic gases from furniture make furniture manufacturers gradually adopt more green manufacturing solutions. More and more enterprises begin to produce a series of beautiful, high quality outdoor restaurant furniture.


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