Building house in garden with outdoor furniture sets (2)
TIME:2021-12-14 14:45:36 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    One academy, one world

    Yard is a kind of home for people

    outdoor furniture sets

    Yu Qiuyu said that the courtyard is a place where life, family and spirit can be settled and outdoor furniture sets can be settled. After a family is surrounded by a hedge, there is an independent world, and the courtyard is their world. Courtyard life not only represents a kind of living dream, but also a private world of returning to nature and relaxing mood. Courtyard, as a kind of destination, originates from the inherent dependence between human and nature, and deeply locks the eternal spiritual context of Chinese people. In the courtyard to avoid the world, decorate the cheap outside chairs sets, in the courtyard to be oneself.

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    One court, one scenery

    The more you understand, the more you appreciate

    Each courtyard has its own unique landscape. People who see it are dissatisfied with seeing it. Only people in it can be personally on the scene.

    As the saying goes, a square yard is not as good as a garden: a set of outside folding chairs for the elderly, a garden for the wife, and a free play for the children Stroll in the meantime, comfortable and comfortable.

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    Get into this undisturbed courtyard space, gently shake a rattan chair, let the time be slow, the day is long. A bunch of setting sun, a game of chess, pet disgrace but not surprised, go to stay also have no intention.

    There are courtyard and outdoor furniture sets in the house. There are houses in the garden and courtyard in the house. There are trees in the courtyard. The sky can be seen on the trees, and the moon is in the sky. How happy!

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