Difference between imitation rattan furniture and garden furniture dining sets
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    There are many kinds of rattan, including natural rattan and PE rattan. Natural rattan is a spiny climbing plant of palm family growing in tropical forest. Although there are many kinds of natural rattan, it grows in Indonesia, so it is also called natural Indonesian rattan. Advantages of natural rattan: because natural garden furniture dining sets is natural, it has health care effect on the body, which is deeply loved by people. The surface of natural rattan is delicate and smooth, with good touch. Natural rattan generally does not cause allergy, so it is especially suitable for children.

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    Easy to sweat, not stick to the skin; natural and fresh, durable, healthy and environmental protection. And the natural rattan can always keep the temperature close to the human body surface, so it can make people feel cool without feeling too cold. Disadvantages of garden furniture dining sets: it is easy to be aged and moldy after being used for a long time. costco outdoor chairs is easy to crack and deform in the north; and raw materials are scarce and resources are limited. At present, the number of natural rattan imported from abroad has gradually decreased, and the goods are rare.

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    garden furniture dining sets imitation rattan advantages: compared with natural rattan, the surface is more smooth, flexible, waterproof, sunscreen, mildew, moth proof, durable, sanitary, easy to clean and other advantages. And the price is relatively low, excellent wear resistance, heat resistance is better than the General PE.

    Disadvantages: external surface hardness, rigidity, high expansion coefficient.

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    These are the advantages and disadvantages of natural rattan and imitation rattan. Which one do you prefer? Choose your favorite outdoor table and chair set.

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