Popular cube rattan furniture
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    cube rattan furniture is elegant, simple, beautiful, close to nature, good elasticity, strong air permeability, fresh feel, comfortable, ergonomic, high appreciation value, loved by the enemy, especially love this kind of fresh, natural, simple feeling!

    cube rattan furniture

    cube rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture types in the world. It was first introduced into Europe by European merchant ships in the 17th century. Rattan furniture is a kind of vine animal growing in rainforest. It's light and strong, so you can use art to weave all kinds of furniture. Its non essential features are moisture absorption, heat absorption, air permeability, mite resistance, no deformation, no cracking and other physical functions, which are suitable or better than those of medium and high-grade hardwood. Good vines are Indonesian vines and natural vines, both of which are natural and cannot be rebuilt.

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    1. cube rattan furniture

    Original rattan furniture refers to rattan furniture directly woven without special treatment. It has a strong local flavor, full of visual tension.

    2. PE and PVC wicker and rattan furniture

    Due to the unlimited resources of high-quality rattan, plastic rattan emerge in endlessly, with different sizes and styles, rich colors and rich appearance texture. The product has the characteristics of extensibility, washability, mildew resistance, non toxicity, UV resistance, weatherability and so on. These furniture products have long service life and high comfort.

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    3. natural rattan furniture style

    Refers to furniture woven with similar strip or linear materials. It is also the general name of rattan furniture with various styles and strong artistic sense.

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