The difference cube rattan furniture
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    Rattan is a spiny climbing plant of palm family, which grows in tropical forest. There are 13 genera, among which 600 species are known. Although there are many kinds of natural rattan, the places where it grows are concentrated in Indonesia, so it is also called natural Indonesian rattan.

    cube rattan furniture is a kind of product similar to or instead of rattan furniture. The material of rattan imitation furniture is similar to real rattan, which is lack of nature. The common outdoor cube rattan furniture products are mainly PE rattan imitation furniture.

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    1Imitation rattan is a kind of industrial natural rattan, is a kind of rubber products; natural rattan is a kind of natural material in the forest, without any industrial pollution.

    2Different application places and maintenance methods

    cube rattan furniture is suitable for indoor and outdoor places. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. It's not afraid of dust. No special maintenance, easy to clean. Natural rattan chair set is only suitable for indoor use. It should not be exposed in the sun. Otherwise, it will break easily. It should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Otherwise, it is easy to breed insects or molds in humid climate.

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    3Different performance

    quality rattan furniture has excellent waterproof and sunscreen functions, but it has short service life, good air permeability, but does not absorb sweat; natural rattan chair has excellent air permeability, can absorb sweat and wick moisture, and has temporary health benefits for the body.

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