luxury garden furniture that can withstand cold winter
TIME:2021-12-01 16:02:05 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The most unavoidable outdoor activity in winter is weather. Especially on rainy and snowy days, what about the luxury garden furniture on the patio and patio? Isn't the sofa wet and moldy? Will there be heavy snow below 10 degrees?

    Rest assured, we give outdoor rectangular table a new definition. stone outdoor table is made of man-made environment-friendly PE rattan. High performance fabric can prevent ultraviolet, fade, water, mildew, moisture, cold and freeze, without special maintenance, easy to clean.

    luxury garden furniture

    It can stand the test of season rotation, from rainy season in the south to heavy snow season in the north. It can withstand extreme temperatures from heavy rain to scorching sun and snow.

    Even if that's not enough, friends, don't worry. luxury garden furniture is the ultimate artifact outdoor gas heater. It's not only good, it's great. High thermal efficiency, high radiation temperature, output heat equivalent to three air conditioners, low cost.

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     Because the calorific value of gas is higher than that of electricity, it can save 30% of the cost of air conditioning per hour, and the speed of temperature rise is about 1-3 minutes faster. Heating area 80-120 M2

    Nothing is more beautiful than outdoors. When talking to family or friends, sitting at home is always different from sitting outside. A glass of red wine and a cup of tea, in the outdoor will have a more mellow beauty.

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    In the warm and sunny winter garden, we will provide you with luxury garden furniture close to nature to express your feelings. Break the boundaries of traditional outdoor life four seasons, even in the winter outdoor environment, there is also a place to rest and relax.

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