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TIME:2021-12-01 16:13:19 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The garden room furniture are made of cast aluminum by new die casting process. The tulip carving is pure and elegant, and the leaf shape is slender and soft. It has the fresh temperament of tulip's color, Qi, spirit and rhyme. The die casting process is formed at one time and polished carefully. It is wear-resistant, smooth and easy to maintain. It is not easy to rust and bears more than 300 Jin.

    This garden room furniture has 56 hollowed out tulips, delicate and smooth flower lines, exquisite and meticulous patterns, exuding elegant aristocratic atmosphere.

    garden room furniture

    Five tulips in bud are designed on the back of the garden bistro chairs. The exquisite new die-casting process endows it with unique artistic temperament.

    The seat surface is designed into a 25 degree depression, with 16 tulips connected at the top, 18 high-temperature paint courses, and a structure that fits the curve of human buttocks. Stainless steel screws are used at the joints between the chair legs and the seat plate, and between the back and the seat plate, which is more stable and firm.

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    The independent shelf at the bottom of the chair in garden leg adopts the board and board hollow design, which is beautiful and generous, and reduces the residual water. The whole chair is also round, no seven holes, no sand holes, no corner burr, smooth surface, smooth touch.

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    With exquisite tulip design, this set of garden room furniture is ideal for garden, small courtyard or front porch. The antique copper material makes the 3-piece design more elegant and retro, and the compact design makes the product easy to handle.

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