European and American design masters of garden room furniture
TIME:2021-12-01 16:35:50 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    garden room furniture is more and more popular. After a day's work, the tense and depressed mood needs to be relieved. When we get close to nature, we feel relaxed and happy. Just feel that life can be so beautiful. Then "outdoor furniture" came into people's sight. So how to choose garden room furniture (white iron chairs, outdoor sofa, garden furniture, outdoor flower box, etc.)?

    garden room furniture

    First of all, garden relaxer chairs, as the name suggests, is furniture that can be used outdoors. Its biggest feature is waterproof and sunscreen, that is, it is not afraid of the wind and the sun. So the material requirements are very high, strong corrosion resistance (generally speaking, it will not rust), UV resistance (it is not easy to fade after the sun), moisture and mold resistance (it is not easy to get dirty, easy to clean)!

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    There are many kinds of garden room furniture, the most common are PE imitation rattan, ribbon, wood (Southeast Asia camphor, red walnut, pineapple, teak), cast aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, Teslin mesh, high-pressure composite board, outdoor cloth, etc!

    Qualified and high-quality outdoor furniture materials have common characteristics: non-toxic and harmless, reaching the "EU standard" zero formaldehyde release; strong corrosion resistance; super anti pollution and anti mildew resistance; anti ultraviolet, sun resistance 7-8; cold resistance, non shrinkage; high pressure resistance; strong wear resistance; high tension.

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