The craft of garden room furniture has its own originality
TIME:2021-12-01 16:53:36 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1. Exquisite die casting technology of garden room furniture. Solid aluminum bar is selected and semi-solid die-casting technology is adopted. The original aluminum and aluminum alloy die-casting dies are processed by die-casting equipment. The finished products do not contain any industrial impurities, which can ensure that the tables and chairs can be used for a long time in harsh environment, and are not easy to break and deform.

    The front and back sides are also smooth, without pores, trachoma, corner burr, and the surface is smooth and tactile. In addition, there are 20 exquisite spray painting, manual painting and baking process. The craftsman with more than 10 years of working experience has sprayed powder and high-temperature baking paint, painted many times and sealed glaze (sprayed outdoor matte oil, high-temperature shaping). Not easy to fade, smooth color.

    garden room furniture

    2. The overall shape is elegant and luxurious, hard and straight, giving people a sense of strength. In the seat back, armrest, legs and other parts of the visual center are usually decorated with exquisite carved or hollowed out patterns, giving people a sense of ancient history, which not only carries a heavy history, but also meets the modern people's nostalgic mood.

    3. The tabletop is carved. costco outdoor chairsThe exquisite carving technology of the tabletop makes it feel smooth and comfortable. The hollowed out tabletop texture makes it more observable and appreciative.

    4. The main stress frame is high-strength reinforced profile, which has super tensile, bending and ductility, and is not easy to break and deform when encountering strong external force. Stable table bracket, detachable structure, high quality stainless steel screw connection, convenient transportation, the middle part of the table leg adopts simple graphic structure, beautiful and generous.

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    5. Scientific back, exquisite design. The chair is more scientific and comfortable, and the back is more curved. More noble and unique design.

    So where is the right place for our garden room furniture? It can be used in hotels, cafes and restaurants, which greatly improves its own style and customer experience. Outdoor reclining chairs and outdoor round beds are often used by outdoor swimming pools, private villas, outdoor gardens, private balconies and so on!

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    It is the biggest problem to buy garden room furniture of cast aluminum series. Before buying, we must understand the strength of the factory, the material of iron rocking chair, production technology, production capacity, whether there is a successful case, whether there is quality assurance, etc. Be sure to find out or go to the scene. Only in this way can we choose the products we are satisfied with and at ease.

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