unique outdoor furniture of high grade grey in fashion color (2)
TIME:2021-12-02 10:34:56 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In photography, the balance of color and the strength of light are all crucial elements. The application of advanced gray makes the saturation of various colors in the picture tend to be consistent, harmonious and natural, not bright and dazzling, and not lose luster. The picture has more texture and connotation, simple but not monotonous, and appears to be particularly soft, elegant and gentle.

    In recent years, the popularity of high-grade gray has spread to the unique outdoor furniture industry. The color and texture of furniture determine the tone of the whole space. The application of high-grade gray makes the level of space open and highlights the beauty of space level. The whole space is interwoven with modern elegance and noble quietness.

    unique outdoor furniture

    Warm and cold with more warmth

    In the quiet space, the unique outdoor furniture is unified but not boring, and the personality is not publicized. High gray tone is true and simple, but it has a noble simplicity. It seems simple, but it has more charm than resplendence. It is a little bit with wood elements, warm and elegant. Showing a more delicate and soft side.

    The simpler the better

    outdoor table chairs abandons redundant decoration and modeling, simple lines with simple high-grade gray, make the home simple, simple, simple again, pure and thorough sensory feeling seems to be able to wash the soul.

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    Increase contrast lighting space,The table top is made of gray cement glass. In order to reduce the high cold feeling, the table is equipped with high saturation tableware, food and flower art. It's fun and it's weight loss.

    outdoor garden table in the rigid and soft, cold and warm contrast, high-grade gray spread in the space, utensils, floral art with high saturation of bright color as embellishment, with green plants, so that the whole space in the quiet reflect vitality and youth. Soft collocation makes the whole space apply cool and advanced grey to the extreme.

    E-catalogue 18-11_副本.jpg

    The color of unique outdoor furniture constructs the mood and temperature of the space. The high-grade gray abandons the noise, returns to the pure and nature, and ignites the plain life in a more intimate and gentle way.

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