rattan garden furniture set necessary for courtyard (1)
TIME:2021-12-02 16:23:42 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan garden furniture set, solid structure, beautiful and fashionable, as the protagonist of swimming pool party in the 1970s, after continuous reform and innovation, today's cast aluminum furniture is not inferior. Before you're ready to throw away the material, take the time to investigate and make a choice.

    In addition to durability and rust resistance, cast aluminum outdoor furniture is also suitable for a variety of designs and colors. Aluminum alloy cheap patio table has been in people's life for a long time, I believe it will add a color to your courtyard.

    rattan garden furniture set

    rattan garden furniture set is always classic. Tightly woven rattan products are flexible and easy to design. Best of all, in winter, these materials are light and easy to move or store, not to mention that vines can be used in any color or design.

    When summer comes, gardens, courtyards, communities and leisure attractions will remind people to bring their umbrellas. Outdoor sunshade is not only used for garden, courtyard sunshade and rainproof, but also used to beautify the bright landscape of community, resort and hotel.

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    Early outdoor furniture for solid wood, rattan, plastic, alloy, inflatable, etc., each with its own characteristics. rattan garden furniture set (outdoor furniture factory) is facing the biggest test is the sun and rain, hot and cold, but the moisture absorption and moth proof performance of solid wood and rattan is relatively poor.

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     Therefore, at present, black wicker rocking chairs mostly adopts the following three kinds of materials: iron sheet, stainless steel and teak, pure aluminum frame and PE rattan combination. The combination of pure aluminum frame and PE rattan is the most outstanding visual effect and the most convenient movement.

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