rattan garden furniture set necessary for courtyard (2)
TIME:2021-12-02 16:24:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    PE rattan is a kind of fiber made of environmental protection materials. After repeated tests, it has strong anti ultraviolet ability and is not easy to fade. Even in the sea, it's fresh in the sun. In addition, environmental protection has been taken into account in every link from production to consumption. The fiber is impervious to oil and colored substances and easy to handle. It's very bright after washing.

    rattan garden furniture set

    rattan garden furniture set is simple in shape, light in material and rich in color, giving people a clear feeling. The colors of green, bright white and original wood grain are very popular among young people.

     The latest stone top dining table has begun to use aesthetic principles to unify the modeling style, main color and physical composition of the furniture. For example, back to the original hand weaving, it is full of the joy and vitality of nature.

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    In addition, outdoor furniture is not limited by space, there are no specific details, but visual impact is absolutely one of the most important features of outdoor garden sofa. The rattan garden furniture set seen from the World Expo, except for some design styles that extend to the interior furniture, most of the designs are carried out in the air, with streamline, arc, leaves, boats, flowers and other shapes as the theme.

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     giving people a feeling of being close to nature. Its design principle is based on the curve of human body and its own material characteristics. It emphasizes the fluency and rhythm of the overall modeling, giving people the temptation of poetry and painting.

    Happy life is not only a way of life, but also a natural, healthy and elegant attitude towards life. Environmental protection and health is an important part of it. People in modern cities pay more and more attention to healthy lifestyle. It's a good choice for rural life. When you decorate some creative rattan garden furniture set at home, you can create a unique outdoor effect in a small space.

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