Characteristics of rattan materials for weatherproof outdoor furniture (1)
TIME:2021-12-02 16:26:22 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The development trend of weatherproof outdoor furniture has become a diversified and rapidly developing economy. Due to the appearance and popularization of rattan materials, many real estate buildings and garden plants have adopted this new decorative engineering material.

    weatherproof outdoor furniture

     metal outdoor furniture with its environmental protection, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no deformation, no fading and other characteristics by the majority of users trust. In a word, the product style and production performance of weatherproof outdoor furniture are more and more close to people's life, and more and more in line with the needs of traditional Chinese urban ecological garden construction in the new era. In the past, the family members of rattan furniture were mainly white rattan, red rattan and palm rattan. It is known as the agate vine, also known as the "king of vines". 

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    It is the most expensive vine in the world, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. There are kudzu, wisteria, also used to make weatherproof outdoor furniture, mainly for weaving. Rattan is called rattan in quality outdoor furniture industry, and its strength is equal to bamboo. The surface of rattan bark is usually milky white or light red. There are spots on some vines, commonly known as spots, with natural decorative effect. The ratio of inside and outside of the cross section of rattan is not consistent. The proportion of rattan is larger than that of rattan, and the proportion of rattan ruler is smaller. 

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    The rattan with large specific gravity change is worse, and the rattan with small specific gravity change is better.

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