Characteristics of rattan materials for weatherproof outdoor furniture (2)
TIME:2021-12-02 16:27:36 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

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    weatherproof outdoor furniture

    weatherproof outdoor furniture is mainly made of bracket and surface. Type a bracket is made of thick rattan, and its bending process includes baking bending and sawing bending.

    wrought iron lounge chairs. The sawing method is simple, but the strength is weakened, and the curve is not natural and smooth. The joints of the stent are usually wrapped with rattan bark. The basic method of weaving the surface of the bracket is to pick, cover and wrap.

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    According to the product requirements, rattan can be used to weave various patterns. China is rich in weatherproof outdoor furniture resources. Rattan furniture takes rattan as the main material and rattan or bamboo as the skeleton to weave patterns.

    outside coffee table production technology is very mature, can be carved, painted, and even painting. The appearance of the finished product is firm and durable. In appearance, it also jumps out of the original clumsy way.

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    As before, many weatherproof outdoor furniture designs make the lines smooth, soft, luxurious and comfortable. It's quite bold and elegant. It is the loss of the natural landscape of rattan furniture, and the traditional framework is fresh.

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