Application of corner garden furniture in Landscape Architecture
TIME:2021-12-04 15:18:13 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1corner garden furniture should be combined with landscape design, and the style of outdoor furniture should be consistent with the can not be placed at will. Outdoor garden furniture products are also a part of landscape culture and art.

    2corner garden furniture should be beautiful.. best outdoor furniture is part of the landscape. Modeling and material selection should be combined with the surrounding environment. At the same time, the aesthetic feeling of garden furniture has a certain visual impact and attraction, so that owners or tourists can take the initiative to walk past. In addition to rest, they can also create works of art.

    corner garden furniture

    3For practical and durable corner garden furniture, outdoor garden furniture is not decoration, but an ornament. When it comes to practicality, the comfort and convenience of furniture. In some areas, in order to ensure the integration and beautiful outdoor furniture, but also considering its art and aesthetics, it ignores the practicality of corner garden furniture, such as garbage, is designed into animal shape. It's used as a mouth for transporting garbage. Let sanitation workers pick up garbage, and then opened a small mouth. It is often found that the mouth shape of an animal is used to cut the peel. Because the opening is too small, sanitation workers can not get a bottle full of garbage for a long time, completely ignoring its practicability. Durability, material and process selection are special. We can't blindly pursue art and insist on neglecting it. If the retro garden chairs is easy to be damaged and deformed, it will not only lose the aesthetic feeling of art, but also increase the cost of the scenic spot.

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    4When choosing outdoor furniture materials, our students are used to following the development trend, forming a kind of herd consumption psychology. Others choose wood, so do I. When I choose rattan weaving in other scenic spots, I will also choose rattan weaving. In this way, corner garden furniture lost its uniqueness, uniqueness and unique style charm. An important scenic spot must have its own uniqueness to attract more tourists. A commercial street must have its own style to attract more customers. To attract more than one owner, a commercial and residential community must have its own unique charm. Successful application cases can provide reference for the company, but can not be imitated.

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