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    Garden leisure table and chair is the most basic, most common, most commonly used and oldest type of bistro garden furniture. It is usually used in combination with tables and chairs, in harmony with style, shape and color. Garden Leisure tables and chairs can be divided into "three piece set", "five piece set", "seven piece set" and other types, with rich collocation and freedom.

    bistro garden furniture

    1. Cast aluminum garden leisure table and chair

    Metal garden leisure tables and chairs are bistro garden furniture, which are mainly made of thin-walled metal tubes and thin plates such as cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. Metal garden leisure tables and chairs can be divided into all metal structure garden leisure tables and chairs, metal and outdoor sling chairs, metal and other non-metallic materials garden leisure tables and chairs.

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    2. Wooden garden leisure table and chair

    Wood is a kind of wood with fine texture and bright color. It is a kind of natural material with beautiful texture and easy processing and molding. At the same time, it is also a kind of material with large volume, wide distribution and convenient retrieval. At present, there are many products in the outdoor furniture market. The wood suitable for outdoor environment mainly includes pine, fir, teak, ash, eucalyptus, PS environmental protection wood, etc.

    3. Rattan garden leisure table and chair

    old wrought iron chairs refers to the furniture made of rattan, which is divided into genuine rattan furniture and imitation bistro garden furniture. Although real rattan products have many advantages, such as natural fresh, excellent processing performance and so on, it is difficult to clean, easy to produce mildew and other problems, which often plagues users.

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    With the development of science and technology, modified polymer materials began to appear. These materials can be used to synthesize a variety of rattan like composite materials instead of plant rattan. They are called plastic rattan furniture, plastic rattan furniture, sometimes rattan furniture.

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