How to distinguish imitation rattan patio chairs
TIME:2021-12-02 17:16:08 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Look at it. First of all, you should look at it with your eyes. A good rattan looks round, complete, glossy, without any insect spots and cracks. A good imitation rattan has good toughness and will not break no matter how it bends.

    rattan patio chairs

    Look at the firmness of it. rattan patio chairs is very strong. When you buy rattan effect furniture, you can shake the position of the armrest. If there is no shaking phenomenon, it shows that this kind of rattan patio chairs is very good in both firmness and durability.

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    Look at the details. The rattan patio chairs is handmade. Good 4 piece rattan garden furniture will be compact, even, dense, even at the intersection will not have broken cane.

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