garden table chairs set makes terrace a paradise
TIME:2021-12-04 15:24:01 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    garden table chairs set, ordinary parasol, simple balcony decoration, cool summer on the balcony, drink a cup of strong coffee, enjoy life, often come to the corner, how comfortable. The terrace area is spacious and open.

     Put the beach chair on the terrace, bask in the sun on your own terrace, and lie quietly on the beach. Balcony decoration design should pay attention to safety and drainage. Don't just think about sunny days. Drainage is also important in rainy days.

     garden table chairs set

    Planting flowers and plants on the terrace, placing modern garden furniture, outdoor chair, etc., is a common design method for balcony decoration, outdoor landscape and outdoor courtyard design, only in the suburbs.

     Bamboo chair has the feeling of the Republic of China. The decoration of the balcony is very simple. In general, arrange several garden table chairs set, coffee tables, etc., and plant different flowers.

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    Terrace, as the name suggests, refers to an open balcony. There is no essential difference between open air and balcony. It's just a little big. There's no place to do sit ups. Therefore, the terrace can be understood as an open balcony.

     Permanent cover plate, enclosure, counter, housing connector, activity place and available housing ancillary facilities refer to the place where residents carry out outdoor activities and laundry. According to the closed situation can be divided into non closed balcony and closed balcony. According to the relationship with the main wall, it is divided into concave balcony and convex balcony. According to the spatial location, it can be divided into ground floor balcony and independent balcony.

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    Generally speaking, this refers to the construction of large balconies on other floors according to the requirements of roof terrace and building structure. Its area is generally large, there is no roof above, so it is called terrace.

     The terrace is the roof terrace formed by the contraction of each floor. In addition to flower arrangement, there is no building, which is obviously different from balcony decoration. The difference between balcony and terrace is "do you have permanent insurance?" yes. There are balconies and no balconies.

    Balcony decoration design how to do? garden table chairs set are generally placed on the terrace, or garden coffee tables are placed on the terrace. ordinary. In addition, in order to integrate into nature, green plants should be placed on the terrace.

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