Lazy person wicker chairs enjoy good time
TIME:2021-01-15 16:50:47 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Do you particularly like this kind of life? In a quiet afternoon, the sun is soft, holding a good book in your hand, drinking hot coffee, sitting in a soft rocking chair, enjoying this pleasant time.

    So, in order to satisfy my idea, I just started the lazy wicker chairs with the recommendation of my friends. It's very comfortable to sit on the balcony. It's not only good-looking, but also comfortable. It's a good hand to relax.

    [elegant and versatile]

    The shape of this wicker chairs is very exquisite, giving people a sense of high quality. The arc back is ergonomically designed, and the full cushion makes it more comfortable to sit. The design of metal and rope weaving, the splicing and collision between materials give a different feeling. The combination of hardness and softness, tenacity and durability, and softness and comfort are very good.

    wicker chairs

    [the fabric is wearable and breathable]

    High rebound cushion, using water repellent fabric, wear-resistant and breathable, more practical. The seat cushion of waterproof fabric, even if you accidentally sprinkle a little water, can also fall in a beat. When sitting, it fits the curve of the thigh. It's not target outdoor chairs or hard. It can give you a soft and elastic sitting experience. Moreover, it's washable and very convenient. It's filled with high-quality sponge and doll cotton, and it's not easy to collapse and deform after long-term use.

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    [very stable and durable]

     The frame made of aluminum alloy is not rusty and cracking. The back is woven with high-quality polyester rope, which is breathable and wear-resistant, not easy to loose, and has a longer service life. The chair adopts the principle of balance sledge, which is not easy to topple and self sway freely. It leans forward by 15 ° and backward by 30 ° with proper angle. It is not tired after sitting for a long time. It is quite stable to use and can enjoy rocking life.

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    [various scenes, very leisure]

    No matter from the durability of the material, or the comfortable sitting feeling, or the appearance of high appearance value, wicker chairs is not constrained by space. Can be used in quite a lot of scenes, balcony, living room, study, or courtyard garden, put on this set of rocking chair is a good choice. Lying in the outdoor club chairs, as if time is staying at the moment, a body of fatigue has been driven away, not to mention how comfortable.

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