This maintenance wicker chairs life 10 years more
TIME:2021-01-15 17:09:46 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Home is our warmest port. It is a kind of enjoyment to enjoy leisure life at home after work. Of course, leisure tables and chairs are necessary! Leisure brings us comfort, so we should keep the life of wicker chairs longer. Next, let me introduce the maintenance method of cheap garden chairs to you.

    Environmental requirements

    wicker chairs

    All kinds of comfy garden chair, especially wood leisure chairs, should keep a certain indoor temperature and relative humidity. In addition to the indoor environment, the newly bought wicker chairs also needs ventilation. When using indoor air conditioning, the indoor relative humidity should be kept at about 60%. If possible, plant flowers or ornamental fish indoors and increase indoor humidity appropriately.

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    Regular maintenance

    Furniture surface not only need paint film, but also often protect wicker chairs surface.

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