comfortable outdoor furniture to make courtyard
TIME:2021-12-14 14:48:35 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Used to living in commercial housing with narrow space, do you yearn for or miss the small courtyard in front of rural buildings? In that courtyard, you can meet and dine with your friends, chat with your family, and plant some flowers and grass to cultivate your body and mind. How to choose comfortable outdoor furniture in a small courtyard?

    comfortable outdoor furniture

    1Romantic garden design

    Who doesn't want to have a romantic garden? outdoor bar chairs or cast aluminum sofa with colorful cushion, the two intertwined, as if the collision out of a wonderful spark. If you put up a small shelf in the yard, when summer comes, the vines full of green will climb the whole shelf.

    At this time, put the comfortable outdoor furniture under the shelf, put the padded garden chairs cloth and flowers with flower pattern, and then invite three or two friends to enjoy the cool and talk with each other in the shade. Is it very comfortable?

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    2European style industrial style courtyard design

    The industrial style created by fair faced concrete is simple and unadorned, and its inherent natural and solemn feeling is welcomed by many young people who pursue style. The combination of comfortable outdoor furniture and gray concrete makes the space of the courtyard seem cool and not warm enough.

     In order to make up for this shortcoming, you might as well add some flowers and plants as shown in the picture, and add frosted glass to create a hazy beauty. The designer also creates a square pool and several fountains in the courtyard to break the heaviness of the space with flowing water. This kind of space atmosphere can make people clear headed. If there are business partners, it is a good choice to invite them here for coffee.

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