style collocation comfortable outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-12-14 14:49:55 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1 Leisure afternoon tea arrangement

    If the balcony space is relatively large, you can consider to do a leisure afternoon tea layout, with some exquisite small objects and isolation scattered design, so as to make the balcony overall design effect more outstanding, the space is beautiful and does not appear crowded.

    comfortable outdoor furniture

     color matching can also have more contrast, tea table and tea table we comfortable outdoor furniture, but now the comfortable outdoor furniture is more beautiful It's hard to identify the work, and the choice can only depend on the seller's one-sided words, how to choose can only rely on their own knowledge.

     There is a set of tea table and chair, but the legs of the tea table are made of aluminum alloy; the square outdoor dining table is made of imitation rattan. This set of tea table is more practical and durable.

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    2 Storage function

    Balcony space can also be used for storage function design, balcony in addition to prevent washing machines and other household appliances, there is a large part of idle space, you can consider the storage of some daily items, you can consider the design of a simple shelf or cabinet can also be enough to put a lot of things, so that the overall design can be refined and atmosphere.

     If you choose comfortable outdoor furniture, you should also choose a metal outdoor furniture. The folding desk and chair I choose also has good waterproof performance. It is made of Teslin cloth. The table is made of aluminum alloy.

     The overall waterproof and sunscreen performance is very good.The above collocation way is various, balcony design style only depends on personal preference.

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    In fact, the living functions of villa balcony have many manifestations, and now making the balcony into tatami design is also a very popular style, which highlights the function of leisure and entertainment. As long as the balcony design is intentional, it can play a better role.

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