How to maintain all kinds of leisure garden furniture
TIME:2021-12-20 10:11:05 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Do some friends spend a lot of money to buy a batch of leisure garden furniture, and then use it for two or three years, but there are a series of problems such as rust, deformation, decay and so on? It may be that you have not carried out the correct maintenance, the following points are sorted out about the maintenance of various outdoor furniture methods.

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    1. white rattan garden furniture

    Rattan furniture is made of rattan, which is woven by hand step by step, so the weight of rattan furniture is light, so the maintenance is very simple. We can use detergent or washing liquid to wipe it. If there is dust on modern rattan chair, we can use electrical appliances such as fan or hair dryer to blow it away.

    2. Casting table and chair

    The maintenance of such leisure garden furniture as casting tables and chairs is also very simple. If the casting tables and chairs only have a layer of ash, just take a basin of water and a rag to wipe it. If there is any oil stain, it is recommended to use detergent to wipe it.

     Xinningju reminds you that the casting tables and chairs must not be wiped with acid-base things, because acid-base has a great influence on the casting tables and chairs corrosive.

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    3. leisure garden furniture

    With the change of time, some factories will go through special anti-corrosion, sun protection and moisture-proof treatment when making, but if you don't maintain it, it will still have a series of problems. Although it has been treated, it is impossible to guarantee that your furniture will not have problems all the time, so you still need to maintain it all the time.

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     For maintenance, we'll wipe it with something to remove stains. Here I remind you that if you wipe it, you must dry it in the sun, otherwise it will rot, so I suggest you wipe it in a sunny environment.

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