Maintenance of villa leisure garden furniture (1)
TIME:2021-12-21 10:41:15 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In the hot summer and Meiyu autumn, regular maintenance for leisure garden furniture is a very important thing, can let your furniture get better protection, prolong service life, in this hot summer, take action!

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    Villa outdoor table chairs is different from ordinary leisure garden furniture must have sunscreen, waterproof and corrosion resistance because it is placed outdoors for a long time. Although has these characteristics, but the daily cleaning and maintenance is still indispensable.

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    Especially in the hot summer, because the villa outdoor space is very large, the acceptance area is also very wide, placed outdoors, direct sunlight, high temperature, are easy to cause inevitable damage to outdoor furniture, summer rain more, some outdoor fire table in water will lead to some areas in a long time in a humid state.

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    so that leisure garden furniture, especially the parts of furniture. For example, stainless steel legs, cast iron and aluminum alloy legs in outdoor tables. Special attention should be paid to the maintenance  in summer.

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