Maintenance of rattan dining furniture
TIME:2021-12-16 09:50:48 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    As the most important material of rattan dining furniture products, cast aluminum has the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and is absolutely light. It is widely used by non essential manufacturers.

    rattan dining furniture

    When you clean white outdoor rocking chair outdoors, first use a clean supermarket rag. In the process of casting , the surface of the products is usually sprayed with a layer of anti-corrosion and anti rust paint, and covered up evenly. As an auxiliary layer for maintenance and beautification, it is easy to clean.

    After the are clean and monotonous, carefully check rattan dining furniture are worn or cracked. Suppose the paint is off, it must be repaired immediately. It is suggested that you buy antirust paint in the field furniture store on the right track. If there are cracks, especially in the connection part, it is suggested that you buy a new cast aluminum table and chair to replace the safety of your family.

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    Together, we should also pay attention to whether the white outdoor rocking chair are complete and whether the equipment is solid. For example, whether the height adjustable foot pads of tables and chairs can still be used, and whether the screws, nuts, spring pads and other small parts at the joints can temporarily rust or loosen.

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    After completing the above process, even if you are outdoors all winter, you can also cover the drab curtain. If possible, the owners can disassemble the outdoor cast aluminum tables and chairs into drab rooms, which is more conducive to the storage.

    But it must be pointed out that the plastic, wet board, hard stone board, color board and other hard surface, sealing, wet or corrosive coverings on rattan dining furniture can not be covered, so as to avoid irreversible damage to the surface .

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