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TIME:2021-12-16 14:21:48 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1. Determine the use and form of balcony

    The function of balcony should not be limited to ordinary people's way of thinking. It can be used in literature and art or at home. A small balcony can be a small garden, a rest room, a small restaurant, a flowerpot, tea, rest, rolling, sightseeing... Before determining the type of balcony garden, we need to plan the main use of the balcony.

    outdoor garden furniture

    If your balcony is small, it is recommended to be practical. Potted plants + light outdoor garden furniture is the best match. For families with large balconies or even roof balconies, landscape balconies can be built according to owners' preferences.

     Before building the balcony garden, we need to determine the overall style. In addition to our own preferences, we should also consider the style of the whole house and the surrounding environment. For example, the house is Chinese classical style, the balcony garden into nostalgic style is not appropriate.

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    2. Choose outdoor garden furniture

    round outdoor side table in addition to beautiful appearance, but also should follow the principle of light and easy to clean. outdoor fire pit chairs can be used with almost any balcony. The small foot table and chair are small and light, very comfortable when needed.

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    If conditions permit, you can place a sofa according to the width of the balcony. outdoor garden furniture with its simple and fresh characteristics has become a new round of home decoration fashion. It has a natural intimate relationship with the outdoors.

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